From the phrase ‘short term’, your brain quickly tables uncountable synonyms. The word ‘temporary’ will not escape the list. Short term is temporary, so you put it. UK short term Car insurance is a temporary motor insurance policy. It is one of the shortest living policies offered by major motor insurance firms. It can last for a single day or run for 28 days. One month to avoid a lot of mathematics. Insurers fail to understand short term insurance after these days but they will be eager to introduce to you a new term; called standard policy.

UK short term Car Insurance was formerly referred to as a single day or simply temporary car insurance. It was designed to cover clients in the motor industry. However, it has since then grown in leaps and strides to extend its cover to the general public. The public has enjoyed the policy for nearly a decade now. Growth in the motor insurance industry and particularly the growth of UK short term Car insurance have been facilitated by the arrival of technology. With technology, setting up a policy is a cheap business; services are delivered quickly and simply.
There are many useful reasons that are packaged with UK short term Car insurance. Clients ought to know why it is paramount to acquire this type of policy from the local motor insurance firm. The policy mainly covers Car owners who preserve their classic cars for display at big shows or for backwoods trip. It also comes in handy during times of migration. For instance, you do not have to hire a truck to ferry your car because the policy caters for any incident that might occur as you drive your family to your new home.

UK short term Car insurance also boasts of sole driver policy. This policy allows for additional drivers. It allows you to cover your hired driver. For example when you pack for holidaying in countryside, your driver can continue to drive in and out your visitors. Sole driver policy is useful where your car is constantly on hire or on borrows by friends or relatives and you don’t want to seat behind the wheels. It is also recommended that your check the hired driver to confirm whether their policies allow the person to drive any vehicle. Owners of racing cars can enjoy race-specific policy as a secondary policy from UK short term Car insurance. Racing cars always go for the cheaper main insurance policy since it does not cover racing activities.

The cost of UK short term Car insurance is significantly variable. There is a fixed fee for the first day which is repeated for the few coming days. The daily costs will begin to drop thereafter until the last day.

Each policy including UK short term Car insurance has its own exclusions; minimum numbers of claims, minimum cover age, defaults or a bar on fresh drivers. In several instances, a limit on payout will always be drawn regardless of the total cost of damages. Cover your Car today.

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